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Wow! Date: Aug 1st @ 3:56pm EDT
I knew I couldn't fit all that I wanted to say in a small 180 character tweet so, I thought a blog would be more appropriate.

This past month has been surreal to me...The things we accomplished went way beyond my expectations as a model here on the site. As I sit here and write this blog I feel stunned and shocked by each and every one of you that helped carry me through the month and in more ways then one I might add. Through all my tiresome complaints of how sleepy I was to how hunger I was, to expressing my eagerness for the month to come to a were there. You support me without hesitation and are so selfless in that support. Most of you simply say my smile is enough and you truly have no idea of the effects that has on my heart to know seeing me smile has importance to you. We share many laughs and rocked away plenty of nights together and I look forward to many more nights of fun-filled days. Know that this month and especially last night will be treasured forever and I will never forget your kindness and your love. Thank you again for being human and for all that you do for me.

yours truly,
miss becka
Unrivaled Support Date: Sep 4th @ 1:18pm EDT
What a day Monday was! Throughout all the smiles, frowns, and upsets we had an amazing day! I may not have won the big $1000 prize, but I did win with having the best fans a model could hope for. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this big day. I wont stop until I conquer this beast and I know you guys and fellow models will be right by my side to support me. Now as promised I said I would be giving away free private sessions and free fan club memberships to those who showed the most love. In first place was Chemistry winning 20 min, 2nd place was Masterties with 15 min, and in third was thebrain winning 10 min. I already gifted the discounts to you to enjoy when ready :) To those who had a private or group show with me you were also gifted a free one month fan club membership. So enjoy! Once again thank you for all the love and support!
I Need Your Support Date: May 26th @ 4:18am EDT
Hello guys! I am writing this blog in hopes that it will spark your willingness to help me climb and stabilize a top spot on Flirt. I try very hard to make sure everyone from a VIP member to a basic user leaves my room with a smile. Whether it is in a private chat with me exploring or in open chat simply having fun. What many of you don't know is that I love maintaining a relationship once its been built. With that being said, being the model I want to be for you has taken the majority of my time both on and off flirt. I want to give my all to not only you but to this site as well. As many of you know, I am very appreciative for the support that is offered and given, so please continue as I will never stop being grateful for your generosity. Right now what I need to climb and maintain a top spot is more private sessions and tips. As much as you guys hear this it is crucial to not only sustaining ranking, but bringing in new members and bringing me closer to a small town dream. Please help show that nice girls can finish first. On that note, model contests are VERY important! Please don't be a stranger and if you are hesitant about taking me for a private session whether its just to chat and enjoy each other or getting physically intimate please read the reviews posted by those who have already spent time with me. I promise you will leave happily and satisfied to the fullest. Thank you for taking the time to read this for it is very important that you guys understand where I need to be to be a successful model here. Love you guys very much!
Craziness Date: May 12th @ 4:44pm EDT
WOW!! I literally have no words to explain and express what has happened to me throughout the course of a month. Some very amazing things occurred and are still continuing to happen. First of all, I want to extend a HUGE thank you to all of my supporters and friends that go above and beyond in the ways that you do. I really have no way to fully reciprocate my gratitude, but I most certainly will try. Team US(not team US as in United States lol) has come a long way and has started accomplishing and undertaking many challenges as well as throwing our hat in the ring as contenders on Flirt4Free. We have just started this journey and I know we can continue to grow and accomplish many things to come. Thank you once again for your love, support, and loyalty to a sincerely grateful gal.
Team Us Date: Apr 26th @ 11:30pm EDT
We found each other on Flirt4Free and pulled together so everyone would see
Team Us is unified and determined to win
We play, we laugh, we might drink Gin
I'm happy to be a part of such a gang
So happy that one night I got drunk and sang
Our win last night showed Team Us just got started
We aim to win with each other whole hearted
So watch out Flirt because we are coming
Look at how strong we are becoming

Just a little something I wanted to throw together for all you guys! Thank you for everyone ounce of support!
A Fair Fantasy Date: Apr 23rd @ 2:53pm EDT
As I promised, I will continue with this fantasy of mine. I hope you have some passionate images being created in your mind. Let's see if ours match up, shall we?

Like all girls my age, I looked through my closet and carefully selected the perfect attire to lure in the opposite sex. With only one goal in mind, I decided to choose a look that was rather appealing to the male eye. It was revealing yet modest, in the sense that I sought out to entice yet create curiosity.
As I stepped into a black cotton skirt that hugged my backside with perfection and slipped on a black lace crop top, I felt confidence rush through my body. I needed only one piece to finish off a sight that no man could Browsing through my collection I found a pair of red wedges that had lace to cross over my ankles. I decided these were the ones without the slightest doubt. I then sat on the edge of my bed and crossed one leg over the other. I then picked up the shoes that would glide me gracefully around the fairgrounds and placed my soft and freshly pedicured feet into them. After both heels were on, I stood up and walked over to the mirror for the last inspection, as well as admiration of the beautiful creature I have created with merely the simplicity of a few pieces of clothing, shoes, and red lipstick that would catch the eye of both male and female when gazed upon.

vacation leave Date: Mar 20th @ 11:32pm EDT
Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I will be offline on and off throughout my vacation. I WILL have my flirt phone on during my time away, so feel free to call me and help keep me company away from home ;) I will be sure to keep you updated with some photos of me throughout my trip through my twitter account so stay alert fella's. Remember I love you all, and try not to forget about ittle ole me!!
A Fair Fantasy Date: Mar 5th @ 3:53pm EST
As of recently my mind has been exploring a creative side of romance and personal sexuality. Of course, it wasn't/isn't me alone that has helped with the progression of these opened mindful boundries ;) But, I am willing and excited to be exposed to these fun, playful, sensual ideas and fantasies that I have been cooking up in my sub-conscious. I am going to share with you one of my new fantasies bit by bit.

The season is summer, and the temperature is smoldering. But, as hot as it may be, the feeling of the sunrays on my skin are soothing and relaxing. My skin is absorbing every ounce of the heat and light that continues to penetrate my body. The day is Saturday, and there is a local carnival fair that the whole town flocks to. As part of the flock, I will attend and participate in the activities and indulge in all the wonderful fair I do every year. This year; however, would turn out to be different, unlike the regular routine of simply enjoying a family oriented atmosphere filled with simple smiles and laughter. This year, my memory will be surrounded by passion and euphoria. I will leave you guys with this setting for now. The next blog entry will lead up to the climax of this fantasy ;)
A Grateful Gal Date: Feb 26th @ 3:35pm EST
I wanted to make a blog a few days ago, but just haven't had the time to do so. But, I just wanted to take the time, make the time, to express my sincere gratitude to each and everyone one of you that keep me entertained and smiling while online. The support I receive from you is just unspeakable really. Friday night during the naughty nurse contest, I felt so much love and support that I just can't explain how grateful I am. Through all of your support and generosity, I have been able to stick out in the large crowd of beautiful women on the site, and in a big way! Everyday I look forward to logging onto Flirt, just to talk with you guys. It has become the highlight of my day :) So, from me to you, I send my love and my gratitude.
As most of you know..... Date: Feb 17th @ 4:02pm EST
In the blog post, I am choosing to share a funny story. As most of you know from being in my chat room I tend to do funny/silly things...a lot lol. So, this story begins with the one thing I do more often than not....talking! When I get into chatting it up with someone I get so lost in the conversation I typically just block everything out and focus on the topic of discussion. Now, with my marvelous mind...I happen to forget exactly what we were talking about at the time. But anyhow, me and my friend were walking and talking(two things a girl shouldn't do lol) and as I was telling her this story and looking at her making my silly expressions and waving my hands around like a crazy person I managed to collide head on with this huge garbage can! I mean to tell ya it was just about as tall as I am(which isn't that tall in all reality). There were people everywhere when this happened! Everyone was laughing and giggling at me. The real kicker here is my friend, ya know the ones that are supposed to look out for you(pun intended here) didn't say a word! She knew what was going to happen and wanted to get a chuckle out of it. I was so embarrassed. I told her, "had that dang ole garbage can been any shorter I would have ended up head first in that sucker!" I ended up pushing the garbage can about a foot from where it was originally, because I didn't even have a chance to embrace myself even for a split of a second. I think its safe to say, I have learned my lesson and now I do a 50/50 walk and talk method ;) This is where I talk and periodically take a peek of what's in front of me lol Gotta watch out for those nasty garbage cans and poles....they'll getcha haha
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